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New vs. Used Construction Equipment Parts

Buying used construction equipment parts is almost customary among construction companies and individuals who own construction machinery. Because secondhand construction equipment spare parts are way cheaper than brand new ones, many people are opting to buy used construction machinery parts than ordering brand new ones from manufacturers or brand new spare parts dealers.

Aside from the price, second hand construction machinery spare parts are quite in demand because of several reasons. They are preferred by construction companies rather than brand new ones.

Brand New vs. Secondhand Construction Parts

By evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of construction equipment spare parts, you will be able to determine which one you should prefer and which one you would want to use as a last resort.

  • Quality/Performance

This is one of the first things that you should assess. Brand new ones are guaranteed to be of optimum performance, unless there is factory defect on the product that you have bought. The lifespan is long because it has never been used, though, there are times that a brand new one will break down easily, due to various reasons.

When it comes to secondhand spare parts, you will likely find some that can do the job well. Don’t think so much about the spare part not being functional since you can test it out before you purchase it. The only downside is that it may not last very long so you have to be very careful in choosing secondhand spare parts. Nonetheless, they are worth the money.

Thus, whether you buy a brand new and an old spare part, you will still be able to see the same level of performance.

  • Price

Now this is where the real difference can be seen. Obviously, brand new ones are much more expensive than secondhand spare parts. You can find great deals on secondhand ones because there is no real price range on these unlike in brand new ones.

If an owner of a used construction equipment spare part decides to sell his spare parts for quite an affordable price, you are in for a treat. Unlike in brand new ones that you will have to pay for the spare parts within the price range, except for bargains, which rarely happen.

  • Warranty

Brand new construction equipment spare parts have warranties, which is an advantage because you will be able to have the spare part replaced or repaired if it is not working. This will save you money since you don’t have to buy a new one.

Secondhand heavy equipment parts also often have warranties. Dealers provide warranties for spare parts that they sell to prove that their merchandise is of good quality. Hence, you will also save a lot of money by not having the need to buy a new one or to have it repaired. You will be able to save more money in buying used spare parts that have warranty as you will pay for the equipment spare parts for cheaper prices and still be able to avail of warranties.


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