Buying Used Tractor Wheels

How to Choose Good Used Tractor Tires

Buying used tractor tires is a better idea than buying new ones. Because used farm equipment – tractor tirewheels – are much cheaper than brand new ones, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars when you buy used ones. And unlike car tires, tractor tires are a good investment. Because they could last for years and even decades, you will surely be able to save a lot of money when you buy used tractor wheels.

Choosing Tractor Wheels

You will be able to save money on used tractor wheels if you know how to choose one. By knowing which tirewheels you should choose, you will be able to use a tractor wheel for several years more. Thus, your investment is worth your purchase.

  • Look for Slightly Used Tires

When buying used tires for tractors or any farm equipment, it is best to choose a slightly used one than a tirewheel that has never been used or has been rarely used. You might think this is silly because rarely used tires are like brand new; thus, you are like purchasing a brand new tire for a fraction of the cost. But that is not always the case.

Dry rot can infect the inside of a tire when it is not being used. So, when you buy a used tire for a tractor, you should choose one that has been used instead of a tire that has never or rarely been used to avoid purchasing tires that look good on the outside but is infected with dry rot on the inside. Just make sure that the tires that you are going to choose are still in good condition.

Check for the tread of the tires, though they are not a very good indicator of how used a tire is because most tractors are operated at low speeds. This means that the treads may look fine even if the tire is already worn out. It is best to inspect the whole tire carefully to see any damage, holes or dry rots that are probably on the tire.

  • Choose the Right Kind for Your Purpose

You should choose a used farm equipment tire that is ideal for your purpose. If you are working on a muddy or slippery surface, you should choose a tractor tire that has deep lugs. Tires that have diamond treads are ideal for agricultural purposes as the tires won’t destroy the rows of dirt on the fields.

You should also choose a tractor tire that is appropriate for the weight of the load that you would often pull using your tractor. You should choose the appropriate size of the tire that you are going to buy for maximum benefits. Mid-sized tires are good for fast paced trips. Large sized used tractor tirewheels are great for heavy duty use where you should be pulling quite a heavy load.

  • Price

Aside from the quality, of course, the price of each used tractor tire should be evaluated. Shop around first to see which dealers can offer the best kind of tires with great prices.


How to Choose Good Used Tractor Tires| Buying Used Tractor Wheels

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