Buying Used Implements, Pumps and Pipes

Facts About Used Implements, Pumps and Pipes

Used implements, pumps and pipes are often disregarded because people think that they are useless once they are replaced with brand new ones. But that is not always true. Some agricultural implements are still functional when they are replaced by brand new ones. Thus, you should consider buying this when you need something for your farm. Or, you can still sell them if you think that they are still in good condition when you have replaced them with new ones.

Truth about Buying Agricultural Implements

  • Implements are Often Bought Secondhand

Large farm implements are often bought secondhand. Tractors, backhoes, combines and bulldozers are often bought secondhand because they will be too expensive if you are going to buy them new. Same goes for small tools such as pumps and pipes. Though these implements are rather small, you should consider them also and make sure that you are saving money when you purchase them.

So if you think that you need to purchase agricultural equipment, you should try to do what other farmers are doing and purchase old agricultural implements that are still in good shape.

  • Pumps and Pipes Can be Quite Expensive

Pumps and pipes can be expensive especially if your farm is big. You will need a lot of pipes and pumps just to properly irrigate your whole farm so make sure that you look for used implements, pumps and pipes so that you can save a lot of money on your purchase. A small difference on price can add up significantly if you are going to purchase several items. Thus, saving just a small amount of money in a pipe can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on the whole.

You should look for websites or stores that sell used pumps and pipes so that you will be able to have a huge selection of items rather than buying from a private owner. This is true if you really don’t know any private owners that are willing to sell high quality implements for a low price.

  • Used Implements Do Not Need Much Servicing

Even though used agricultural implements are already old, they do not need much maintenance and repair. If the condition of the implements is still good, they could last for a long time. Thus, you don’t need to have them repaired soon. This means that you will be able to save money on maintenance even if you have bought old agricultural equipment. You are saving money on your purchase of old farm equipment as well as their maintenance, which is a great thing.

Just make sure that the agricultural equipment that you are going to buy is still in good shape and has a written guarantee or warranty so that you will be able to have your equipment serviced or replaced if they broke down during the warranty period. This way, your farm equipment dealer will be more determined in selling you farm tools that are still in prime condition; enabling you to get the most out of your purchase.


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