Benefits of Getting a Core Aerator Rental

Benefits of Getting a Core Aerator Rental

A core aerator rental is very beneficial to lawn owners as they provide a lot of benefits to lawns. Lawns can undergo a decline if they are not taken care of properly. Some lawns also experience decline due to insufficient nutrient intake, regardless of how well the lawns are being taken care of. Because water and nutrient absorption can be hard on compacted soil, many lawns are experiencing decline even if they are being watered or fertilized regularly.

This can be solved by lawn aeration – the process of the exchange of air between soil and atmosphere. The process is simple but it can greatly help the lawn to have healthier grass. This is a natural process but lawn aeration can greatly help improve the process and increase the benefits of aeration. This is done through the use of a core aerator.

The core aerator penetrates the soil and excavates the soil so that the surface will be able to absorb water and fertilizer easily. It also helps with the exchange of air between the atmosphere and the ground.

Benefits of Renting Core Aerators

Lawn aeration only needs to be performed every year. That is why core aeration rentals are a better choice than buying your own core aerator. Because core aerators need not be used on a regular basis, buying one is not a smart idea. You will only use a pricey core aerator once a year and store it in your garage or shed for the next eleven months. This will make your aerator deteriorate and be useless after just a couple of years, which is a waste of money.

So if you think that you need to aerate your lawn, you should just rent one.

  • Revives Declining Lawns

When you rent a core aerator, you will be able to revive your lawn that is experiencing a decline. Because you can rent instantly from equipment rental shops, you can do the procedure without going through all the hassle of buying a core aerator and waiting for it to be shipped to you if you have bought one online or somewhere far from your location. You won’t also need to cash out large amounts of cash when you decide to aerate your lawn because core aerator rentals are rather cheap.

  • Encourages Worm and Micro-Organism Growth

When you aerate your lawn, you are encouraging the growth of micro-organisms that help your lawn maintain itself naturally. Because worms and other micro-organisms are important in keeping a grass healthy, you are doing the little crawlers and your turf a favor when you rent core aerators on an annual basis.

  • Improves Water and Nutrient Absorption

Lawn aeration improves the water and nutrient absorption of grass because they are making way for water and fertilizer to reach the root of the turf more easily. Because compacted soil interferes with the proper absorption of nutrients, aeration is a good remedy for declining lawns.

Annual lawn aeration is a good lawn maintenance procedure so make it a point to do it on a yearly basis so that your lawn will remain healthy.


Benefits of Getting a Core Aerator Rental| Aerators Rentals

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